Bee Hive Request

participation in this program does not create any obligations on behalf of the participant or the Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association.
The Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association is an association of hobby beekeepers that promotes beekeeping as a hobby.
the NWIBA does not represent the interests of any commercial beekeepers.

The sole purpose of this program is to store the contact information of people wanting bee hive(s) on their site and make it available to members in good standing that are looking for new sites to place bees. this is the extent of NWIBA involvement in any arrangement that you make with a beekeeper. The NWIBA feel it is crucial that the site owner and the beekeeper are comfortable with each other and have a mutual respect for the site, the beekeeper, and the bees.

The NWIBA wants you the site owner to know that we cannot gaurantee that you will be contacted by a beekeeper or that any of our beekeepers are looking for new sites. We would also like you to know that we do offer a basic course in beekeeping as another option.


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