Classes will be taught by Ralph Ochs and Ed Rice.

Upcoming classes: Introduction to Beekeeping

The first session will be held on March 11th
Lake Country Library
1919 West 81st Ave (Rt 30) Merrillville, IN 46410

Class starting time is 1:00 PM Please bee on time!!
We are expecting a large group.
Come prepared to take notes We have a LOT of information!!
There will bee a sign up sheet.
Print your name, address, phone number and email address
Please print clearly and NOT on one line
This is so we can contact you if there are changes in class times.
There will be a time for questions.
Take notes so you can ask @ that time.
Class time is approximately 3 hours with a break.
Space is limited, therefore we discourage bringing
small children under 12 years of age.
This class is NOT conducive to small children

2nd Class - TBA

Our bees are expected to arrive early April, so the 3rd class will probably be April 9th
3rd Class - *TENTATIVELY* April 9th
Home of Ed & Bea Rice
2813 West 47th Ave, Gary,lN 46408-4109
(this is NOT in the city of Gary)
We will be handling live bees that day so you are required to have a veil

There is NO charge for these classes and club membership is not required but encouraged.
Scheduling a meeting place is getting harder every year because of class size, that is why we are craming all 3 classes into a 3 week period.
I would like for every one to look at and print www.beesource.com Forums/beekeeping 101 Glossery



Saturday, March 5th at 1pm
Lake County Public Libary - Merrillville

Saturday, March 26th at 1pm
Lowell Library
1505 Commercial Ave, Lowell, IN 46356
Saturday, April 9th at 1pm
Ed's house
2814 W 47th Ave, Gary, IN

Here is a helpful data sheet to keep track of your hives:
Bee Hive Frame Observation Data Sheet

Courtesty of Rob Dennison, White Lick Beekeepers Association IBA Director

The Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association strives to help inform the public
about bees and beekeeping by offering a Beekeeping School each spring.
The school comprises of approximately five (5) classes throughout the spring months.
Though we call them classes, each short session is a loose collection of information
that will take the novice from starting beekeeping to a confident level,
capable of winterizing the colonies for next year's season. 

Sign-up for the school begins each year at the local county fair
and runs until the first class each spring. 
If you would like to attend this year's class email: ebrice@prodigy.net for more info.

install packages 2

The classes are offered free of charge.
Each student is required to wear proper safety equipment (veil/gloves)
if he/she is to participate in field activities. Quality of these items varies
with price, but they can be obtained for under $10.
While this participation is not mandatory, it does greatly improve one's appreciation for the craft.
So you are not surprised with any hidden costs,
a typical hive and bees will average between $150-200 per hive.
The price will depend on the age, quality, and condition of the equipment and bees.
Many beekeepers have started out
considerably cheaper, others have invested more.
We will actively teach you to find equipment that suits your needs
and goals at the best price.
Keep in mind, equipment costs can be offset by sales of honey and pollen
much sooner than one might think (1-2 seasons).

We strongly suggest that anyone with even the slightest interest
sign-up for the classes as they are free.
This has been a very good family project for many members.

packages of bees

Class 2009

package install 2009

package install 2 2009

Ed assisting 2009

queen cage

place queen on frame

bee condos